I fantasize about killing the woman my late father married after the divorce, the same woman who abused my little sister.

I contemplated suicide multiple times.

I dislike, even hate, many members of my extended family.

When I was growing up I sometimes wondered if my Dad would have enjoyed his life better without me.

Sometimes I regret going to college.

I know that my aunt isn't in love with her husband. She just settled.

My father recently died of cancer. I'm glad that that man who hurt me and my sisters is dead.

I enjoy crossdressing.

I fantasize about posing nude for an art class.

I'm deeply in love with a woman whom I only meet face-to-face twice. I dream of marrying her.

While I was housesitting for the neighbors while they were on vacation, I went skinny dipping in their pool.

Sometimes when I'm working and the register is off ill put my own money from my wallet in so I won't get in trouble.

I write shit about my friends in my journal and freak out whenever I can't find it, just in case they do.

I paid for my mother's divorce lawyer when she was leaving my father.

I had opinions that went against the 'norm'. And I stood up for myself.

kill myself for others'approval

I pretend that I'm educated on politics when in fact, they scare and confuse the hell out of me

I can't spell for shit

im unoriginal as fuck

im unoriginal as fuck

Once I fell into a ditch while driving, I never told anyone but I got the car out and thankfully I survived, God is good, god knows the way, god guides. no matter what, god guides.

when I was in high school I qas in a relationship no one knew about yet everyone knew but no one knew how much pain he put me through

this is cool


i act like i have a ton of courage and confidence but it's all a facade. And when i'm not pretending im someone im not im actually the most self conscious person you'll ever meet

wha? I researched a possible author i may be volunteeriung with??????? IDEK WHAT THIS IS

I'm gay as shit


I shouldn't have let her use me but I did and it ruined so much and I can't fix it anymore.

I like to interview myself.

I told my husband I don't want a relationship with him anymore but I still love him

Photographed others without their knowledge Someone. Is. Always. Watching.

I fudge my statistics at work sometimes.

I lost my virginity this past summer to a moron and no one knows

I hoard books