That was me I forgot to put my B- B
It came up cause we were talking about how most of my ships are gay and then I just kinda told him cause I knew he wouldn't judge
Hey whoever responded to me, thanks, it means a lot. Life is hell and it's just getting worse, but I finally told my friend I'm gay, turns out he already knew, so that helps -B
If I die, nothing will hurt No one can be hurt A wasted life will be gone forever
I think I'm starting my period so I'm pmsing but I felt like super hopeless last night
I want to kill myself over silly things just because if hormones
I want to have cancer for some odd reason to be like hazel grace and fall in love then die
I think I like girls but I like boys at the same time
speak out everyone if you're being hurt tell someone please, do it <3
I am being abused by someone close and it is getting out of hand
I want to die, more importantly kill myself
Someday, Im gonna write me a good song.
Something here will never work the way I had hoped.
I lied to get into college.
My Dad has really bad anger issues. He's always yelling, blaming things he feels have been done wrong on us, degrading us, my mother brother and I. I don't feel safe in my own home.
Hey B, I don't know you but I just want to say that I really hope for the best for you xx
Hey Maggie, Happy Holidays. when will you come to SFO? - S
I hope i dont have to hear what people keep saying about me.
Therapy costs too much money
My family thought they know me but actually they don't even know what monster hidden deep inside me. Sometimes i feel like want to commit suicide. I hate being so innocent in front of everyone.
I just realized I'm on this site a lot....-B
I ran out of space anyways my friend never questions anything and deep down I think it's because he gets that it won't help and that means the world to me- B
I have depression and my friend has been trying to force me to tell a teacher because no one except him and some other friends know and my other friend asks no questions and just sort of accepts it-B
I’m in love with new friend and I need help falling in love.
I love you
i spent the last five days as an inpatient at a mental hospital. i certainly learned, just not what they wanted me to.
To everyone out there who's struggling I know it sounds cheesy but you are loved, you are amazing, and please don't give up
Horror movies terrify me anyone else??
I have crippling gay
I'm gay and I'm not aloud to go to my school's GSA even though I do anyways... whoops
I still can't get over my straight best friend
WHY is your twitter shut down?
i think the world has grown bored with me. i have grown tired of it, of everything. i don't think i have much time left anymore. everyday the list of things keeping me from ending it grows smaller.
I totally crushed on you all throughout highschool, along with a few other girls, and made me realize I am bisexual.
my friend is really depressed and it scares me because she might be suicidal ~h