I'm straight, but I really support the LGBT community and I have a few friends that are gay and I love and support them very much <3
Forget I said that confession, I need tons of psychological help at this point. Help me make sense of my feelings!
I want to talk to the person who runs this site, but I have my Instagram supsended and she are not emailing me back. I don't know whether to do that!! I may be creepy! Help me!!!
People from my favorite camp hate me and think I'm crazy for defending myself when this boy started touching me in a way I was not comfortable with
I really like this boy and he likes me but for some reason I told him to stop talking to me.
I've made out with three of my friends. We're all girls.
What's your secret ? what do you have to hide
she'll never love me. even if she was gay. she'll just never love me.
I like this girl who is 2-3 years older than me. I told her, and she was cool with it, but I don't know what to do now. I really like her, but I don't want to be annoying.
I think I need to see a phycyatrist but I have anxiety about telling my parents because my father is quite cold and uncompassionate and does a great job of convincing my mother that my misery is BS
Being a queer, closeted teen is so incredibly isolating.
I still haven't come out to my family and it's stressing me out
I think I might be biromantic heterosexual. Or maybe just asexual. And I've never been more confused in my life.
I feel like my mum only supports (parts of) the lgbtq+ community as an abstract concept far removed from her. If she finds out her own kid is a lesbian, she'll either go into shock or denial.
I'm bisexual but have yet to come out to anyone.
When I was in high school I backed into my neighbor's car and freaked out. I just drove away then lied when my parents asked if it was me. They totally knew I did it.
tfw the straight girl you're head over heels for is texting you about her boyfriend :)))))
i always think i'm over the first girl i had a crush on until she posts something on instagram
I feel like an idiot bc of some stupid boi at camp
I want to make friends with a person but I'm afraid because I don't know how they will react. I don't know if I should say "I would like to befriend you" or not.
I want to play truth or dare because my secrets are so hidden inside.
For the first time in a year, I've been lying to myself
i let other girls think i'm straight so they'll hold my hand
I'm so excessively straight that I may be circling to gay
I want so badly to come out to my family but I'm afraid that my friends will find out and I'll be all alone.
Keep secrets
I've been bi for the longest time and I keep getting excluded by my lgbt buddies because I'm 'not gay enough for them'. Why should I have to prove myself ?
I'm bi and still crushing on my bi friend I met in this school year. She hasn't responded to any of my texts this summer and was really weird towards the end of the school year.. I just want a date.
I'm gay but do everything in my power to be manly so that im not associated with people because i want so badly to be something more than that gay guy i just want to be me
i had plastic surgery on my breast in mexico and there was a cute docter
I peed my pants
I can't admit to my friends that I'm bi even though I'll know they'll accept me because I want to be seen as more than that
I think I heard my brother masterbating in his room. Weird.
Not in college, queer, confused, I have a boyfriend but its LDR. I'm scared of the future.
I crushed on my "straight" best friend and we made out. Today, a year later, I'm still a hella gay girl and in the friend zone
A lot of people know I'm gay now, and I'm fine with that, but I'm worried that being gay is all I'll be known for.