Also, I read Honor Girl (the whole book) yesterday after going to the book fair and I keep thumbing through it now because it helps me feel better about my situation. -B
Also, Maggie, I saw you at the Miami Book Fair yesterday. -B
I'm homosexual and I haven't worked up the courage to tell anyone yet. I've repeatedly contemplated telling one of my friends because I know he'll be really accepting but I haven't yet. -B
Dear Mag, I wanna apologize for going to far. You know, I didn't mean to go that way. I wanna get this out because I feel so bottled up about it. - Sabine
Dear Mag, this is Sabine here. My life is going shitty and my friends are not satisfying to me. Your insights always helped me through the dark, which has been increasing.
Why don't you go to San Fransisco already?!
the antidepressants are helping, but i'm afraid that since i feel better, i was never depressed to begin with. i feel like i've faked all this for attention.
The fact the alphabet has an order hurts me. It has no numerical value, yet, it has an order. Dm @thatonisaint and i'll prove why I'm right.
where were you born?
I don't know. Sometimes I don't even feel real, and I panic. Other times I feel so happy I could burst
almost exactly one year ago, i was in the control group for a medical study abteens with mental disorders. two days from now, i'm going to the doctor to get a prescription for antidepressants.
I pretend my drinking isn't a problem, but it is.
Im still obsessed with this guy and he rejected me around a month ago
I wish I was pretty and a better person, I feel so worthless
I hate to go home because my parents are always all over me about getting work done so I stay late everyday after school until like 6:30pm
I dated a senior for like 3 weeks and i'm 14. sometimes when I see him at school I wish he was more attractive so I'm not as disappointed with myself
I made-out with the fonder of my school's son behind the school
My friend and I are such assholes when were together and I lowkey hate it because were not just mean to others but also towards each other
I taught my best friend how to make-out with someone by making-out with her and we both had dates planned for that week
I realized my interest in women while engaged to a man. I'm now unengaged and dating the woman who was set to be "best lady" in the wedding. Most of my family still doesn't know.
I'm bi. No one knows and the anxiety that's building up inside is slowly tearing me apart.
Don't feel bad for losing followers on Twitter, because you are always one amazing writer that should have a great ammount of followers! 😊✋🏻
The confession is the writer: Sab. I would like to apologize for real what happened. Can we message soon, but do it right this time and for the rest of my exstience?
I deserved all the bad shit that happened to me.
I had the biggest crush on you and the one time you talked to me I completely froze.
I'm sleepy
i wonder what it's going to take to get another chance.
i like you. i should have said i like you. why didn't i say i like you?
I'm sorry for all what I did Mag.
i'm one conversation from all of what we had ending. i didnt think this relationship was that important to me. and yet what i wouldn't give to keep friday so far away...
I don't even know if I like him. I am just so unbelievably lonely.
I'm always sad, I kinda wanna die but I'm not suicidal, I just kinda want to go to sleep and never wake up again...
Is it bad that I ordered Strange Lies 4 months ago and have been stalking the book's shipment progress for the past two weeks. I'm trying to finish the book so I can obsess over it a bunch now Love it
I still google you to see how you're doing.
We just choose happiness rather than society. <3