I'm always sad, I kinda wanna die but I'm not suicidal, I just kinda want to go to sleep and never wake up again...
Is it bad that I ordered Strange Lies 4 months ago and have been stalking the book's shipment progress for the past two weeks. I'm trying to finish the book so I can obsess over it a bunch now Love it
I still google you to see how you're doing.
We just choose happiness rather than society. <3
I can't tell which of my memories are real and which aren't. I've never felt this crazy or this afraid of myself.
Srlsy, I wish I were at NYCC, because you looked damn beautiful in that outfit! And yes, I am doing somewhat like that cute woman did. Damn! I'm so crazy! Oh no! What have I done?!
I feel sometimes we are almost the same person. We are so similiar in our current states and interests. Sometimes whenever I wear the socks I feel a presence from you. Is that crazy?! Probs is ...
I can't go any further than this, I want to meet you so badly, it's my biggest wish
Secretly inlove with you.
Waittt this font is from the bookkkkkk
All I want is benny flax? Is that too much to ask? Thanks.
I really want a girlfriend tbh (I'm a girl)
My social anxiety is super bad
Can you be mine?
feeling nothing is so much easier
I think I love her!
I'm Aromatic
I feel like i'm always annoying this girl I like when I text her first but when she texts me first it makes my day but she never texts me first anymore (idk why maybe she's busy)
I'm straight, but I really support the LGBT community and I have a few friends that are gay and I love and support them very much <3
Forget I said that confession, I need tons of psychological help at this point. Help me make sense of my feelings!
I want to talk to the person who runs this site, but I have my Instagram supsended and she are not emailing me back. I don't know whether to do that!! I may be creepy! Help me!!!
People from my favorite camp hate me and think I'm crazy for defending myself when this boy started touching me in a way I was not comfortable with
I really like this boy and he likes me but for some reason I told him to stop talking to me.
I've made out with three of my friends. We're all girls.
What's your secret ? what do you have to hide
she'll never love me. even if she was gay. she'll just never love me.
I like this girl who is 2-3 years older than me. I told her, and she was cool with it, but I don't know what to do now. I really like her, but I don't want to be annoying.
I think I need to see a phycyatrist but I have anxiety about telling my parents because my father is quite cold and uncompassionate and does a great job of convincing my mother that my misery is BS
Being a queer, closeted teen is so incredibly isolating.
I still haven't come out to my family and it's stressing me out
I think I might be biromantic heterosexual. Or maybe just asexual. And I've never been more confused in my life.
I feel like my mum only supports (parts of) the lgbtq+ community as an abstract concept far removed from her. If she finds out her own kid is a lesbian, she'll either go into shock or denial.
I'm bisexual but have yet to come out to anyone.
When I was in high school I backed into my neighbor's car and freaked out. I just drove away then lied when my parents asked if it was me. They totally knew I did it.
tfw the straight girl you're head over heels for is texting you about her boyfriend :)))))
i always think i'm over the first girl i had a crush on until she posts something on instagram
I feel like an idiot bc of some stupid boi at camp