I'm bi and still crushing on my bi friend I met in this school year. She hasn't responded to any of my texts this summer and was really weird towards the end of the school year.. I just want a date.
I'm gay but do everything in my power to be manly so that im not associated with people because i want so badly to be something more than that gay guy i just want to be me
i had plastic surgery on my breast in mexico and there was a cute docter
I peed my pants
I can't admit to my friends that I'm bi even though I'll know they'll accept me because I want to be seen as more than that
I think I heard my brother masterbating in his room. Weird.
Not in college, queer, confused, I have a boyfriend but its LDR. I'm scared of the future.
I crushed on my "straight" best friend and we made out. Today, a year later, I'm still a hella gay girl and in the friend zone
A lot of people know I'm gay now, and I'm fine with that, but I'm worried that being gay is all I'll be known for.
I thought I came out to my mom, but I was mistaken. I am now back in the dreaded closet. :)
My cousin did something very bad and my family of blamed by authorities. I'm very scared.
I am an autistic lesbian with OCD who still has not found a girlfriend but has had many forbidden crushes
I'm a girl who was super homophobic in 8th grade. Two years later, here I am dating an amazing girl
I like a girl, the worst part about that is...I am a girl
I like a girl and I think I told too many people I'm so scared people will find out
I told my best friend that i had my first kiss at her sleepover party in 7th grade. The girl it was with told me never to tell anyone.
Screamed when I found out Strange Lies was coming out, but then almost cried when I found out it was coming out in OCTOBER ;-; whhhhyyyy
Maybe I should go kms
I'm dating this one boy I really like but now I'm kinda scared that he's cheating on me. He's posted a pic c of this girl on his instagram and now he talks about her so much. Help.
i forgot your gay and you know it clap your hands
i hate my life.
I see you Wyatt
Well it's really more what I didn't do...I'm a35 year old woman and a virgin, sometimes I wonder if that makes me less of an adult.
I'm scared of everything- and I mean like I have GAD scared of everything like that. My friends make fun of me for it and it hurts so fucking much. I just want to live a good life.
It bugs the hell out of me that there are subjects I don't understand yet.
i hate everything
i really want to punch people in the face
I don't feel straight all the time what's happening
i'm young, bi, and really want a girlfriend. nothing too serious, but i get lonely a lot :(
I really hate common core
Self-harming is a real thing...... don't do it
I'm scared I'm to weird and no body will like me
My closest friend is pushing me away what do I do
I have no brain filter and one day I'm going to really say hurtful things to somebody by accident
I really try to be upbeat and happy and solve everybody's eels problems but what about me?
I'm just a bipolar mess. Hbu
Am I even good enough for anything anymore?
My best friend doesn't feel like my best friend anymore. She is never really by my side and never really talks to me. I'm sooooo attached to her even though she makes me feel like crap.
I'm scared about everything but I try to be the happy one at school
Basically my whole family are screw ups and I feel so much pressure not to be like them.
i hate everybody besides a few people
I will never belong
I love fried chicken
I am a Potato
im back i was kidding i didnt call her ugly
I told miranda she was ugly
I died.
Read Honor Girl this afternoon in one sitting. I'm almost 30- I wish this had existed when I was fifteen.
This morning Ace Of Base came on the radio...and I didn't change the channel.
I'm chronically incapable of enjoying anything I create. It's never good enough.
I fell in love with my best friend's boyfriend.
I started wondering when the next book is going to come out the second I started reading this one.
I'm bi and all my friends know, the all of the other guys on the football team know, and most of the people in my grade know but the people who don't are my parents.
I sabotaged the valedictorian so that I could have his spot at the top
I made fun of my best friend in third grade gym class because I was so insecure myself and the look of hurt and betrayal on her face still haunts me at age 45.
I once backed into my neighbor's car and drove away.
I'm still in love with my ex-wife who left me seven years ago and have not had any relationships since
I am gay
You showed me what love could be
I slept with a bunch of girls and my parents are so fucking religious that I can't even dream to tell them that
Everyone expects so much of me that i'm afraid of end up being a disappointment
Dont even know what to do w my life
What if I cross the street and a car steps over me?
I'm scared of falling asleep at night cause I'm afraid that I'll miss something or that it'll be my last night alive
I pretend to be happy, when really i feel so lost that i can't even breathe
I rubbed that kid's expensive backpack in dog shit because he was being a douche bag.
Lied. Cheat. Stole. Hurt.
All I've ever wanted to become was an actress... yet my parents don't support me.