Queer, smart, and lonely. Wishing for friends.
Who knows what I did, but now that I'm here, I'm gay and lonely. I wish I had closer friends.
Once when I was house-sitting I left the front door wide open all night. Luckily no one broke in.
I loved Twilight, too.
Tried to DTR with the guy I'm seeing and still have no clarity just more questions and insecurities.
Better question:what didn't I do?
i'm scared my queer friends will find out I've hooked up w guys, and they will judge me and think I'm less queer
I secretly believe i am better than 75% of people. Actually 80%.
I've never save money
I always feel like I want to be somebody else because I am not as good as them
I was at my friends house wance and I stole there lipgloss and ate it then gave it back and I saw here use it. just kidding but that would be tearrible sorry bad spelling
sometimes I ask "what are you talking about" even thow I know what they were talking about because i was snooping the whole time and it was not any of my buisness.
what do you mean?
i get lost in fictional tv shows and books so much that i don't think i need anyone
i'm asexual and i didn't know until i had sex. now i feel sick when i think about it.
made memes that were too dank
I'm afraid I'm not as good as my friends
I break people's hearts and only care when it's way too late to fix it
I had to pretend that my girlfriend's best friend wasn't better looking than her, but now that we're broken up I revel in it.
I am trying not to hate the best friends that I think I have lost
I'm in love with my ex.
I got fingered by a 15 year old. I'm 13
When I was 13 I spilled my friends darkest secret, I betrayed them. They never said anything about it, but I live with that guilt to this day.
I'm 26 years old and I'm afraid I will die a virgin.
I was babysitting and stole some of the kid's halloween candy 😈
shane dawson
i wanna fuck my teacher
Butt stuff.
i wonder if god forgot about us. It's so hard to believe in god right now
If I told the world who I lost my virginity to, no one would believe me
I hate my dad, because he's verbally abusive, but sometimes I think back to the time I used to be daddy's little girl and wonder if I'm reading to into things.
My spouse is trans and no one at work can ever know
I still like my ex... my problem- he cheated on me with my best friend and now they're dating... WHAT DO I DO
I I've tried to commit suicide
I squeeze my cat sometimes
I want some friends
i judge people based on how many followers they have.